3-6 JUNE 2024


Call for abstracts now open!

We invite you to submit an abstract for EUNOS 2024, which will be held from 3 – 6 June 2024 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

We would especially like to encourage young researchers to share their work. For the first time ever at a EUNOS Meeting, the best abstracts submitted by young researchers will be featured on stage during the Young Investigator Session. If you are 35 years old or under, be sure to select the topic “Young investigator” during the submission of your abstract.

And another first for the EUNOS Meeting will be the Rapid fire poster presentation session. Submitters of the best abstracts will be invited to present their abstract in 2 minutes on stage during this session.

Visit the Call for abstracts page today!

Windows of the Soul at EUNOS 2024

We are happy to announce that Windows of the Soul will exhibit its work during EUNOS 2024. This grassroots art project seeks to communicate the perspectives of those living with visual impairment. To learn more, visit the website: Windows of the Soul

Dear esteemed colleagues and friends,

With great pleasure, we extend our warm invitation to you on behalf of the European Neuro-Ophthalmology Society (EUNOS) to join us at the highly anticipated 16th EUNOS meeting, taking place from 3-6 June 2024 for the first time ever in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam, a vibrant and dynamic city renowned for its contemporary architecture and remarkable harbour, awaits your arrival. Situated along the majestic river Meuse, this bustling metropolis symbolises scientific innovation apt for EUNOS in addition to trade and history reaching out to New Amsterdam (now called New York). Rotterdam’s extensive port, the largest in Europe, has imbued the city with a diverse and welcoming ambiance. Known as the working heart of the Netherlands, Rotterdam is often described as a place where the shirts are sold in the shops with the sleeves already rolled up. This will be our motto for organising EUNOS 2024 for you.

The 16th EUNOS meeting promises to be an exhilarating and enlightening event for neuro-ophthalmologists worldwide. Our programme will feature three captivating symposia: Diagnostics (Day 1), New Medication (Day 2), and Trials (Day 3). Led by esteemed experts in the field, these symposia will delve into the latest breakthroughs and advancements in neuro-ophthalmology.

Beyond the main symposia, the meeting will showcase a range of educational and social activities designed to enrich your experience, including the inaugural EUNOS Young Scientific Investigators sessions, offering a platform for early-career researchers to present their pioneering work. Additionally, a rapid-fire session will showcase talks carefully selected from submitted abstracts. Furthermore, social events such as the harbour run will provide ample opportunities to network with colleagues, forge new connections, and cultivate lasting friendships.

Rest assured, the 16th EUNOS meeting remains committed to sustainability. To minimize our ecological footprint, we will offset the carbon emissions generated by the event. We also encourage all attendees to opt for environmentally friendly travel options, such as train transportation, when journeying to Rotterdam.

We eagerly await your arrival in Rotterdam for the 16th EUNOS meeting, where knowledge, collaboration, and camaraderie will converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Warm regards,

Axel Petzold and Jan Pott